BYU Stuns Nebraska with 42-Yard Hail Mary TD on Final Play

I have fond memories of my college days at BYU. That's where I slipped and hit my head and came up with the idea for the Flux'n and founded DVO Enterprises!

Since then, I've often referred to my alma mater and even mentioned just last week that my daughter got accepted to BYU and is majoring in Computer Science just like her old man!

Consequently, I would be remiss if I did not mention the miracle that happened a couple days ago. After a spectacular performance in the season opener, BYU's amazing senior quarterback, Taysom Hill, sadly suffered a career ending injury early in the second half. Freshman quarterback, Tanner Mangum, meekly took the field.

In his first college football game...ever...after having just returned two months ago from a two year mission for his church, Tanner found himself down by one point on the 42 yard line with just one second left on the clock. What happened next is something you must see to believe (notice the BYU player hug the ref who signaled touchdown...that's my favorite)! Go Cougars!

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