10 Ways Cooking Spray Makes Your Life Easier

Summertime boosts an array of different sprays… bug spray, spray on sunscreen, hair spray, water mister/sprays, pepper spray (well, hopefully not) but most importantly, non-stick cooking spray.

Cooking spray helps in a variety of different ways around the kitchen and with the outdoor grill. Whether you choose a healthy homemade cooking spray or the classic PAM™, try these unique and helpful tips below. They will save you lots of time and energy!

1. For tin foil dinners, spray the foil before inserting meat, veggies, and potatoes. This helps the food not adhere to the foil. This is especially helpful when grilling fish.

2. Before adding meat and veggies, spray barbeque skewers with cooking spray. Shish kabobs will be much easier to eat!

3.Chopping nuts? Spray the food processor beforehand with cooking spray to make cleanup easy.

4. A light mist of cooking spray on a sharp blade will help it glide easily while cutting herbs, vegetables and any other food that would have to be swept off of a knife.

5. Spray measuring containers before measuring shortening, or any other sticky, difficult substance. This will really save time with cleanup!

6. Prevent cupcakes and muffins from sticking to the paper liner by spraying it with cooking spray before dropping in the batter.

7. Before dipping into sticky peanut butter, spray the knife with cooking spray for an easier cleanup.

8. Spraying the inside and outside of a cheese grater will prevent shredded cheese from sticking together, and clean-up will be a snap!

9. Pasta sauce is a plastic container's worst enemy. Prevent these stains by coating the bottom with cooking spray before storing leftovers. Not only will reheated food pop out easily after microwaving, but the containers will remain relatively stain-free.

10. Tired of scraping leftover noodles from the sides of pots? Simply use a little cooking spray to untangle noodles and prevent them from sticking to the pot. (Also works in crockpots!!!)

I hope these tips will serve you well this summer! How else do you use cooking spray?

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