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Volume III
October, 2013

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Best of Pinterest

6-minute Caramels

By Sharon Ng

Here's one of those great Pinterest Pins that is floating around! I have tried it, and I approve. You can't go wrong with this recipe! I especially like that it is so fast and easy, and much harder to burn than my old school caramel recipe, that requires a lot of time watching a very hot pot.

Follow the directions provided and you will have yummy caramel in no time (about 6 minutes really).

This delicious sweetness would be great over popcorn as well.

Here's your recipe with my additional comments to aid you.

Note: cook the ingredients in the microwave.

If you would prefer to use this caramel over popcorn, I would lengthen the cooking time to seven minutes, while watching very carefully to avoid boiling over or burning. Place popcorn in a clean paper bag, then dump cooked caramel, carefully onto popcorn. Fold down the top of the paper bag and shake to distribute caramel.

Remember that caramel is very hot! Please use caution when preparing this recipe.

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Sharon Ng
Monthly Newsletter Contributor since 2012

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