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Volume II
November 7, 2006

Cracked Egg = Bad Egg?

How can I tell if a cracked egg (uncooked) is good or bad? Had 2 in the carton, put them in their shells, in a dish and refrigerated), then a week later cooked them up. Got sick with food poisoning symptoms within 6 hours and can only attribute it to the eggs.

Someone said if you add an egg to water in a pan (covering it), if it floats - it's bad - and if it sinks - it's still okay. Any comments?

Thanks so much. Feeling better today but yesterday and last night was a nightmare!

Joy Jaeger

Hi Joy,

I'm so sorry you were ill. It sounds awful. To avoid food poisoning in the future, avoid eating any egg with a cracked shell. Once the shell is permeated, it is easy for bacteria in the air and on the shell itself to get inside the egg and contaminate it. If you crack the egg yourself, just use it as soon as possible. If it comes cracked in the carton, throw it out. You have no idea how long it has been cracked and exposed to the "elements."

As for the floating egg theory, the older an egg is that more air gets into the egg shell causing the air sac to expand. Thus, fresh eggs sink and old eggs float. The floating eggs are still okay to eat; they just have a larger air sac.

Hope this helps, and I'm glad you're feeling better!

Desi @ DVO

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