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The Cook'n Affiliate Program

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Cook'n Affiliate Program

Cook'n is America's favorite recipe organizer, and over the last 20 years has helped hundreds of thousands of users organize and use their recipes more effectively. Cook'n allows users to view, store and print recipes from their home computers. In addition, they can create weekly menus and shopping lists, view nutritional information and do many other automated tasks that make menu planning easier. Cook'n is sharing their profits with hundreds of affiliate partners and would love for you to join!

If you would like to be an affiliate just send an email request to Be sure to include the web address for us to review and then we will send you all the information you'll need to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Affiliate Overview

Our affiliate program is a web-based marketing practice in which we reward those who advertise Cook'n on their website. Whenever a customer clicks through to our site from a link on the affiliate's site and ends up purchasing from DVO, we reward the affiliate with a commission payment.

Payment Overview

Cook'n is offering a generous commission of 30% to 50% on every product sold through an affiliate's web site. The commission scale breaks down like this:

30% for 1 to 25 products
40% for 26 to 49 products
50% for 50 and beyond!

(Products are totaled quarterly)

We love to pay our affiliates high commissions because we value them as business partners and appreciate the traffic they send our way.

Cook'n Products

We have over 50 appetizing e-cookbook titles which we offer and affiliates may choose which ones they would like to promote. We normally recommend our basic Cook'n Recipe Organizer to more easily advertise the features of Cook'n such as recipe management, menu planning, nutritional analyzing, etc.

Adversiting Cook'n

Affiliates may advertise as many Cook'n products as they desire.

Links and Tracking

After you contact us and send us the url to your site, we will provide you with a unqiue tracking code where we can track click-throughs onto our site and sales. We are able to keep track of this information using an affiliate management system.

Why Cook'n?

1) Cook'n has broad-base appeal. Everybody loves to eat and most people like to cook. In fact, "recipes" is the 3rd most frequently searched topic on the Internet!
2) Cook'n is the #1 best-selling Recipe Organizer on the market with over 3 Million copies sold.
3) Marketing and promotional efforts by DVO in the retail channel, on the television through the Home Shopping Network, and through Internet campaigns create awareness and drive sales.
4) DVO pays a handsome commission to it's affiliates.
5) DVO makes it easy.

To get started, contact:!

"I might learn how to cook yet with all this software of yours. You can't believe how much it has helped. I've had friends come over (I'm just a single guy with a dog - but looking for the right woman) and rave about the meals I prepared for them. It's not all that hard if you just follow the directions. In the end I have to tell them my secret, it's not talent - it's your software.

Oh well, the food is still delicious. Now if I could just figure out how to use the dishwasher.



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