How To Re-Calibrate Your Oven Temperature

How many of us have had to deal with a crazy oven at some point in our lifetime? When I was first married, we found the perfect tiny little apartment for a couple of poor students just starting out, and it had a gas oven. I quickly discovered that whatever temperature I was setting my oven to was NOT the temperature my oven was sticking to! My husband and I finally went and bought a little oven thermometer, and this really helped me, as sometimes I would have to turn up the heat another 75 degrees to get it where I needed it to be! That little thermometer was definitely a game changer!

Well, fast forward 8 years, and I now live in a beautiful home with a great oven that works perfectly…. As far as I can tell ;). I haven’t given a thought to oven thermometers, until I saw this tutorial come across my feed in Facebook: “How to Calibrate Your Oven Temperature”. I was curious and decided to watch it- and I found it fascinating!! I wish I had come across this information 8 years ago when I had a crazy oven! It made me wonder how many people have to deal with unreliable ovens and so I thought I would share it with all of you!

Here is the video.

Basically, you’ll want to invest in an oven thermometer so you can see how off (or spot on!) your oven actually is. Then depending on how old or new your oven is, you can reset your oven! With older models, you can literally remove the dial and reset it so that when you turn the dial to 350 degrees, your oven will warm to 350 degrees! I haven’t tried it with my oven, but apparently with newer models, you can actually use the digital interface to reset the temperature gauge, again making it so that your oven will set to what you want it to!

Have any of you tried this? I’m curious how well this actually works! With the holidays upon us, we definitely want our ovens working well ;). Do any of you struggle with an oven that doesn’t set to the right temperature? I’d love to hear your results with this experiment!


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