What You Should Know About Halo Top Ice Cream

You’ve probably heard of the sensation that is Halo Top Ice Cream. I first heard of it several months ago, but recently I’ve seen more and more flavors at the grocery store and I’ve been getting more intrigued. And then finally for my birthday, my sister decided to give me a pint of Cookies n’ Cream Halo Top Ice Cream. I had recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which means cutting back on carbs. But ice cream is my favorite dessert ever, and she thought it would be a good way to “have my cake and eat it too”. Or in this case, ice cream. ;)

I was a little skeptical, because usually “healthy” versions of ice cream are just not nearly as good. But with that first bite- I was pleasantly surprised- it was actually really good! Definitely not the same as regular ice cream, but a pretty good alternative. I’ve since tried a couple other flavors (Sea Salt Caramel and Cookie Dough) and I’ve been impressed with all of them so far. The texture is a little different than your typical bowl of ice cream, but it’s still fairly creamy and definitely very sweet!

But it does make you wonder- why is Halo Top a thing? Why is considered “healthier”, but still tasty? And is it actually good for you?

Well, for one, it’s way less calories compared to a regular pint of ice cream! One pint has around 280 calories, which is how much a ½ cup of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food has! They are able to do this because they use only 3 sweeteners, 2 of which are low-calorie (Stevia and erythritol) and spent months experimenting with a recipe that could mimic the texture and sweetness of regular ice cream.

It also has a lot more fiber and protein than regular ice cream, which not only gives you that added health benefit, but it also makes you feel fuller after finishing a pint (I’ve only ever eaten a ½ pint at a time, and I can honestly say I feel full afterwards). One difference you may notice is that it freezes a little harder than regular store-bought ice cream- this is because they don’t use softeners that are often used in ice cream- softeners that often have a high fat content.

However, it definitely is by no means “healthy”. I read a couple articles where people tried to actually diet using Halo Top ice cream- eating literally nothing else for 5-10 days, and while they may have lost a couple pounds (one guy lost 10 pounds!), they were miserable- dizzy, fatigued, sick- definitely not healthy! Also, one of the sweeteners used, erythritol, can cause bloating and indigestion issues. A sweet treat? Sure. The pathway to health and weight-loss? Eh, no.

I think, as with everything, it’s all about moderation. You don’t want to be downing a pint of Halo Top ice cream every night, but if you’re trying to cut back on calories it is a better option for those weekend nights when you’re craving something cold and sweet! Although I’ll be honest- while Halo Top was surprisingly tasty and I’ll definitely be trying it again, I can also confidently say that my relationship with good ol’ fatty regular ice cream is far from over ;). Sometimes, the calories are just worth it ;).

I’m curious- have any of you tried Halo Top ice cream? What did you think of it, and if you’re a fan, what’s your favorite flavor? Share with us below!

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