Cake Bites question

The Question:

I have used many of your recipes and they are all wonderful! But I have tried to make Cake Bite Squares by Kathy Oaks 3x now. Absolutely delicious but no matter what I do I cannot get the dipping chocolate to be smooth once dipped? I even tried shortening when the chocolate was too thick as directed in the instructions. I have researched the recipe and video and nowhere does it mention the name of the chocolate she uses or her method in melting it. Could you please give me some insight? I really love this recipe and have a fresh batch in the freezer as I type this for a birthday party I need to bring them to tomorrow night.

Thank you so much, Gail K.

The Answer:

Hi Gail,

The brand of dipping chocolate that Kathy uses is called "ChocoMaker."

She puts the chocolate into a bowl and microwaves it for 1 minute then stirs...then another minute and stirs...and so forth until it is melted completely.



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