Notes from Famous Folks

Use a carving fork to serve pasta.

"I can't get through a night without it. Except we don't use it to carve. Instead, we use it to deftly spin pasta and deliver a neat nest of noodles into a bowl. Using a large spoon in your left hand and the fork in your right, scoop the noodles with the fork and spin on the spoon until a nice bundle forms and set in the bowl—boom!—first class spaghetti." —Chef Ryan Hardy

Use a microwave to juice a lemon.

"To juice a lemon, microwave it for 10 seconds. It breaks down the cells and makes the juice flow a lot faster. A good trick to keep in mind when trying to squeeze as much juices out as possible for a vinaigrette." —Chef/Partner Laurent Tourondel, New York's Arlington Club

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