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Volume III
December, 2013

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12 Months of Giving

By Sharon Ng

I seem to sometimes have the post-Christmas blues. I think that so much leads up to the holiday, then all the wrappings are ripped up, feasts feasted on and carols sung and it is over. Am I the only one that feels like this? I was talking with some friends about this dilemma and I think that this year, I want to give at least one gift that will last through the year. I have concocted a plan...

This year I plan on picking one family who has the need of a home-cooked meal. As a stay at home momma and writer, I do my best work (raising my little superhero) at home. Being a stay at home momma also gives me the opportunity to cook fresh meals for my guys. I know that not everyone has the time, means, or desire to do this. This year, on a monthly basis, I plan on supplying a home cooked meal to someone, with all the sides.

I think this could really take many dimensions. I thought about a monthly muffin, cupcake, or fresh-baked bread, but in the end I chose an entire meal. However, as you gift, if you chose to gift one of those ideas, no one would complain!

I like that this gift will be able to fills someone's heart and tummy all year long.

This is my Calendar, and though I haven't supplied the recipes, I can get you one, if you need. Just leave me a message, or email me at DVO.

  • January- Crockpot Chili (click to see recipe!) with cornbread
  • February- Spaghetti and meatballs, with garlic bread and side salad
  • March- Clam Chowder
  • April- Shrimp Stir fry and spring rolls
  • May- Honey Lime Chicken Enchilada with tomato, avocado and onion salad
  • June- Grilled chicken, stuffing and side salad
  • July- Spinach salad with sweet and sour dressing and pita bread
  • August- Oven baked Chicken with picnic salads, and corn on the cob
  • September- Homemade pizza and salad
  • October- Loaded baked potato soup
  • November- Baked chicken and rice with side salad
  • December- Baked pork chops with homemade applesauce, and stuffing

This is an easy way for me to be able to give, especially since I will be making the same meal for my own family and just doubling it. I can also switch things around, if I have a surplus of certain ingredient, I can work that in. I plan on picking one day a month, I am thinking the first Monday of every month, to deliver the meal. (I think if I tried to ask the family every month when they wanted the meal, it would be easy to forget. The family can plan on a certain time for drop off and if it needs to go in the freezer that is fine. I can't wait to start this 12 months of Christmas idea! I just wish my sweet sister-in-law was closer so I could gift her too!


Sharon Ng
Monthly Newsletter Contributor since 2012

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