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Volume III
September, 2012

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Yum! Breakfast Poll

What is Your Favorite Decadent Breakfast?

Waffles with Sweet Toppings (30) 27%
Dessert Crepes (23) 21%
Fruit/Chocolate Chip Pancakes (10) 9%
Sugary Muffins (14) 13%
Other (34) 31%


eggs benedict

Bring on Breakfast!!!!!

4 cheese crustless quiche

Cheese blinzs

Have you ever had Kneaders All You Can Eat French Toast breakfast!! Oh my is the BEST!! Join me there any day of the week! Yum!

Extra thick French Toast with real butter and lots of syrup.

French Toast is my favorite!

A little bit of heaven right here n earth!

i don't eat breakfast [gasp] but if i'm going to have an early "lunch" i love crepes, dessert or otherwise.

Popovers with real butter and maple syrup are my most favorite.

Poached eggs

Nothing sweet

I am up early, and could make breakfast my main meal of the day.

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