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Volume III
September, 2012

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School Lunch Poll

At our house it is one of our favorite times of year. It's finally fall and school has started! My school aged children are still young enough that they've been itching to get back to school all summer... I hope this never changes.

As far as lunch goes, we've gone both ways. We tried out the home packed lunch and have paid for school lunch. While more costly, I think our favorite option has been the school lunch. It saves much valued time and while the true health of school lunch could be argued, it sure beats the inevitable PB&J my children would choose for home lunch anyday. This newsletter has brought some great suggestions for switching up the home lunch options though, so we might just try it again!

So for those with school aged children, what is it for you? Home Lunch, School Lunch, or do you like to switch it up every now and again and go back and forth?


What kind of lunch do you prefer for your children?
School Lunch
Home Sack Lunch
We Go Back and Forth

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