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Volume II
October 30, 2004

Versatility of Popcorn

Popcorn can be eaten any number of ways. Popcorn is even great plain. I remember sitting around the popcorn popper with my brothers trying to eat the popcorn as fast as the hot air popper could pop it, needless to say we never won.

I have found that the easiest way to enjoy popcorn is by investing in a good hot air popper. They range in price from $19 to $40. They are simple to use, and there is really no mess. I pull out my hot air popper and make yummy gifts for my neighbors or quick treats for a movie night. There are literally hundreds of different ways to enjoy popcorn. People of all ages can find a popcorn taste to suit their fancy. Popcorn recipes seem to fall into two main categories: Savory or Sweet.

Many do not consider popcorn as a possible side dish to a meal. However, popcorn can be seasoned to accompany anything from burritos to chicken salads. Savory popcorn includes: Barbecued Popcorn, Chili Popcorn, Ranch Popcorn, Taco Popcorn, Herbed Popcorn, Italian Popcorn … etc. Through my popcorn experience I have found that there is a trick to seasoning savory popcorn. Stir the spices into the melted butter and them dump it all on the popcorn together and thoroughly mix. Adding spice to the popcorn prior to butter will result with all the spices sitting at the bottom of the bowl. By buttering the popcorn and then sprinkling the spice, the spice tends not to spread evenly. So mix all your spices and anything that is ground with the butter before adding it to the popcorn. You can really get creative with popcorn. Dig around in your spice cupboard and see what you can come up with.

Oriental Peanut Popcorn

Popcorn Italiano

Now this category is were I fall victim to my sweet tooth. There is so much to choose from. I can not begin to fathom how many recipes there are for caramel popcorn, each one coming with the claim of being the best. Many of the sweet popcorn recipes require cooking the topping to a soft, firm, or hard ball stage. It is a technique that may need to be tried a few times, but is well worth it. A guide to the different stages is below in the Kitchen Remedy section of this newsletter titled Create the Perfect Topping. Sweet popcorn can be a treat for any season (it makes perfect holiday gifts) the possibilities and immense.

Coconut-Popcorn Crunch Pie

Quick and Simple Caramel Popcorn

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