Bring Laughter To Your Home With This Simple Idea

April Fool’s Day is next week! As my kids are getting older, they definitely like to be involved and have fun with this simple holiday. I’ve shared ideas in the past that involve making silly food, or making dinner that looks like dessert and vice versa- but what about simply naming the food silly things?

I came across this video that totally got me chuckling.

I love the creative names for all the ingredients- Flavor ashes for pepper, Italian water for marinara sauce, Chicken Little alternate ending for a raw chicken breast! It got me thinking- this would actually be another fun way to add a little something special to April Fool’s Day!

You could go about this a few different ways.

Maybe you assemble a salad, or something else that’s easy to put together with your family watching. You can tell them the creative name for each ingredient and enjoy their laughter as you make dinner.

You could create a whole menu and have everything listed out (Flounder steaks- Little Mermaid’s best friend, Green salad with dressing- rabbit food with fat water, molten lava cake, raw batter in a dome, etc). You could just serve it along with the menu, or have everyone take their best guess as to what all the creative names stand for.

Another fun way to go about this- have your family help you create the names! List out all the ingredients, and as you enjoy dinner together, come up with silly names for each ingredient! You’re bound to get laughs, and it would be really fun to see the creative minds of your children/grandchildren come alive!

With the world being a little chaotic right now, we could all use an extra laugh. Find a way to bring joy in your home, no matter the day, and no matter the occasion! The world becomes a better place when we start in the home.


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