A Different Type of Costco Store You’ll Want to Check Out

Did you know that there is a completely different type of Costco than the traditional Costco stores that you likely haven’t shopped at? Nearly 70% of what they stock isn’t what you find in the normal Costco. It is the Costco Business Center and the things they stock are a little different than the usual, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for you. In fact, some regular Costco shoppers prefer these stores to the regular ones. Here are a few key differences and you can see if it seems like a good fit for you to try.

The Costco Business Centers are about two-thirds the size of a normal Costco and are only estimated at about one-eighth as busy as a normal Costco. You don’t have to fight for a parking spot as much and it won’t be as crowded pushing your cart around. Checking out is a lot faster as well since there are a lot less customers in the store.

Your normal Costco card gets you in the doors to shop. You don’t not need a special or more expensive Costco card.

These business centers typically don't have gas stations, liquor stores, free samples, pharmacies, optical and hearing centers, photo services, clothes, toys and books, home goods, electronics, or jewelry. 

That being said, they really have some cool stuff that regular Costco’s do not have including:

  • Way bigger selection of candy, individually wrapped goods, drinks, etc. If you are stocking a vending machine, movie theatre or convenience store, this is the place to get your goods.

  • Bigger selection of meats and dairy products. Meat is even stored in a separate freezer where they give jackets for customers to borrow while shopping if desired. (*Not sure if this is the case right now in 2020 though).
  • Giant neon signs and signs for restaurants and bars.
  • Industrial-size mixers, sinks, deep-fryers and other kitchen appliances.
  • Freezers with the clear sliding doors you would find in a convenience store.
The business centers are a little more straightforward and organized. The rows are very tidy and easy to navigate through the store quickly.

They have different hours than a regular Costco. They are typically open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm as opposed to the typical 10:00 to 8:30 pm. 

There are 18 locations in 11 states. They are located in:

  • Arizona: Phoenix
  • California: Burbank, Commerce, Hawthorne, Hayward, San Diego, South San Francisco, and Westminster
  • Colorado: Denver
  • Florida: Orlando
  • Georgia: Morrow
  • Illinois: Chicago
  • Minnesota: Minneapolis
  • Nevada: Las Vegas
  • New Jersey: Hackensack
  • Utah: Salt Lake City
  • Washington: Fife and Lynnwood
If you are a business owner here is an example of what you might purchase at a Costco Business Center specifically for your business needs:

Restaurants and Catering Businesses: Buy not only staples and dry goods in large package sizes, like flour, sugar, coffee, butter, etc., but also fresh and frozen meats, produce, and other food products. They also purchase cooking utensils, serving items, and cleaning supplies. 

Vending Machine Operators: Purchase candy, gum, cigarettes, soft drinks and snacks for stocking vending machines. 

Professional Offices (Legal, Accounting, Engineering, Medical, etc.): Buy copy paper, office supplies, office furniture, coffee, soft drinks and snacks, cleaning supplies, etc. They also use the Business Center Print Shop services for business cards, letterheads, and business forms. 

Hotels and Motels: Buy Cleaning supplies & toilet paper, office supplies, TV’s and clock radios, printing services, etc. 

Convenience Stores: Purchase broad range of items for resale, including candy, cigarettes, package food, snacks, frozen foods, beer & wine, soft drinks, etc. 

Service Stations: Buy Office supplies, cleaning supplies, vending machine items, motor oil, tools, etc. 

Have you shopped at a Costco Business Center before? What did you like or not like about it? Please share your thoughts and/or tips in the comments below.

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