Did you know Baking triggers positive moods?

Yes, it is true!! Baking does triggers positive moods! Look how happy she is!

According to research, the smell of baking triggers positive moods and makes people kinder to one another… so if you’re looking for something different to do to lift your spirits, why not try BAKING something new from a recipe you found on the Cook'n Live recipe feed – and you will find yourself being a kinder person too!

Here are a few of MY favorite smells that come from the oven:

Banana Bread baking (extra points if it has chocolate chips in it)

Garlic bread, fresh out of the oven

Chocolate chip cookies – served warm with milk

Cinnamon rolls, with a dollop of butter

Anything baking in the oven with apples and cinnamon

I feel nicer already! What are your favorite baking smells?


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