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Volume III
July 20, 2012

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Trouble with Ants? No More!

By Patty Liston

There are some people - okay, a lot of people! - who are way more clever than I could ever be. Take the genius at who invented this simple solution for getting rid of ants.

When the weather is as dry as it is in many parts of the country, ants will appear looking for water. This happens primarily in our kitchens (creepy!) where a thick trail of them will seem to surface out of nowhere. Using ant spray is not a very good idea, given the poisonous residue that could remain on countertops and in our sinks. For a safer and cheaper solution, follow the directions below. Just mix the ingredients together, and store in a sealable jar. When ants appear, put several cotton balls in a jar lid, ramekin, saucer or other device, pour the solution over the cotton, and watch them disappear!

Homemade Ant Bait

1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons boric acid
3 cups warm water

1. Mix the sugar and boric acid well.
2. Add the warm water slowly, mixing all the while so it won't be too lumpy.
3. Store in a jar until ready to use.
4. When ready to use, put cotton into the top of a jar lid to fill it and then saturate the cotton to the top.
5. Place it in the location where it is needed.

NOTE: This solution will keep for a long while. A good technique is to drip a drop or two over the edge of the lid to rest on the counter so the ants will find the solution sooner. It sometimes takes a little while for them to find it, but find it they will. When they do, do not disturb them as they drink. They will hang over the edge of the lid and drink for a while and then take it back to the nest killing the colony. Almost overnight they will be gone.

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