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Volume III
November 11, 2011

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The Peeler We Can't Live Without and 4 Things to Do with It Besides Peel Vegetables!

By Alice Osborne

In the August 19th newsletter I talked about 7 best vegetable peelers that were top picks amongst professional chefs. Well not long ago, we heard from reader, Pam Benfield, who wanted us to know about a peeler I hadn't mentioned, that in her opinion would out-do all that I'd mentioned in my article.

Here's Pam's comment: "A while back there was an article in the Newsletter about vegetable peelers and what were thought to be good ones. I wanted to tell you about the ones I have. They're from a company named RADA. It's the best vegetable peeler I have ever tried. No, I'm not selling them or anything, but seriously I've never had one I really like until I had one of these. The first one was given to me by someone. I liked it so much that I wanted another one. Having no name to go by, I searched the internet to try to find one. Finally I found them through Amazon, and then I checked out RADA'S website. I ordered a couple of peelers and a tomato knife, too. Talk about awesome..."

Pam really got my curiosity going, so I too went to the RADA website and read about this peeler and all the customer comments available. Nothing but positive feedback, folks. The company's been in business since 1948, and, this is exciting, the RADA peeler is made in America (Iowa) and carries a lifetime warranty!

There are two sizes - an average size sells for around $7.00 and a deluxe which is bigger sells for about $8.00. I actually ordered the small peeler and their pizza cutter today. The total cost? About $18 + shipping. I'm jazzed.

I know this sounds like an infomercial and I also know I tend to gush. But folks, how often do we find anything anymore with a lifetime warranty let alone something made in America. I'll support these folks from here on out.

And since we're on the subject of vegetable peelers, let's talk about other things we can do with them besides peel vegetables:

Slice slivers of cheese or chocolate. When you need cheese slivers that are thinner than you can cut with a knife, or you want to decorate a cake with fine curlicues of chocolate, reach for the vegetable peeler.

Sharpen your pencils. No pencil sharpener handy? A vegetable peeler will do a fine job of bringing your pencil to a point.

Soften hard butter fast. You're ready to add the butter to your cake mix when you discover that the only sticks you have are as hard as a rock. When you need to soften cold, hard butter in a hurry, shave off what you need with a vegetable peeler. You'll have soft butter in moments.

Renew scented soaps. Ornamental scented soaps are a great addition to the powder room because they make the room smell great as well as adding a decorative touch. But after a while, the surface of exposed ornamental soaps dries out, causing the scent to fade. To renew the scent, use a vegetable peeler to skim off a thin layer, revealing a new moist and fragrant surface.

Cool, and who would've thought? So to conclude, thank you Pam for tipping us off to an amazing company with superb products. Now let's do some peeling!

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