How To Keep Drinks Cold Without a Cooler!

Summer is here!! Time to plan all the parties and have all the fun! With all the sunshine and heat, nothing is more refreshing than an ice cold drink. But that can be easier said than done on a hot summer day! A cooler of ice totally works, but if you’re looking for something a little more pleasing to the eye, keep reading!

  • Instead of a cooler, use any other container that fits your theme! A planter, a wagon, a galvanized metal bucket, a cute, cheap plastic container from the Dollar Tree- if it can hold ice, it’s fair game! Just make sure it’s clean- your guests probably don’t want to get a drink from a dusty, grimy wheelbarrow.
  • I came across this video and it’s such a simple idea, but look at the results! A breathtakingly beautiful way to keep drinks cold. This would be ideal for a wedding or bridal shower! I love their flower color choices, but you could do all kinds of combinations to match wedding colors, baby shower themes, etc.
  • You can also keep the water frozen in the balloons for a more colorful look- and then get ready for a water balloon fight when things have melted!
  • You could achieve a similar look on a smaller scale by freezing edible flowers in ice cube trays, allowing everyone to have a couple beautiful ice cubes in their drink!
  • Freeze melon balls. If you have a melon baller and a ripe melon, you can easily create some beautifully creative ice cubes! Watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe are all great options (or a mixture of the three!)
  • Try other frozen fruit. Lemon slices, raspberries, grapes- a fun, flavorful and different way to keep your drinks cool! Place them in the drink directly, or place on skewers and freeze for an adorable way to keep those drinks cold!
  • Make a variety of fun ice cubes! Pomegranate, mint, roses, gummy worms, lemon slices- each are unique and completely different, but all can assist in keeping your drinks cold, as well as giving them a unique flavor and aesthetic! You can experiment with making ice cubes from different liquids, as well! Juice, ice cream, soda, Kool-Aid- you can get really creative here!
  • Muffin tin ice cubes. Freeze water in muffin tins for larger ice cubes. If you want to add a fresh and fruity zest to your drink, throw a couple slices of citrus fruit in each muffin tin before freezing.
  • If you want to combine drinks and desserts, serve each drink with a popsicle (aesthetically placed inside the drink to keep it cool!), or with a scoop of ice cream/sherbet!
  • You can make your own ice bucket with water and a variety of flowers and berries. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love how elegant this looks, and how you can totally make it your own!

DIY Ice Bucket

Keeping Champagne and wine chilled has never look better with these charming DIY floral ice buckets!


Fill the large bucket with 2-3 inches water and freeze.

Place the smaller bucket inside and fill it with rocks so it’s weighted. Otherwise it will float when then the water is poured in.

Fill the circle with water and tuck the flowers and fruit in tight, so they don’t float to the top when frozen. You can also do this in two steps, filling half then freezing and then doing the second half. This will insure the flowers will be dispersed throughout the bucket when frozen.

Freeze the bucket overnight.

To remove the ice bucket, remove the rocks from the center, then fill that container with warm water and let it sit. Pour it out and then run water around the outside of the bucket. It will eventually loosen and slide out.


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