Made with Love

Have you ever tried to make that famous recipe of your grandmother’s and it just didn’t taste quite the same even though you followed the recipe with exactness? Does your mother’s chocolate cake soothe your soul with every bite but you’re not sure why? Maybe your mother and your grandmother forgot to tell you their secret ingredient—love. I’m serious. That’s all there is to it. Put a little love into your food and studies show it will in actuality taster better. If you think I’m crazy, here is what research suggests:

We influence our food by our thoughts and feelings. The theories for how and why this is, varies. One theory is that positive energy can be physically transferred from one object to another. Therefore, when we experience feelings of love while we are touching and handling our food we can physically transfer those loving vibrations into our food. The food will then transfer that positive energy to the person who consumes it. Thus, this theory suggests that we are literally adding love to our food.

Another theory is that when we cook with love, we are more careful and attentive to detail. Just as you would pay more attention to a person you love, if you love what you are cooking you will pay more attention to it. The added attention to detail will inevitably yield a more superior result. I also think feelings of love simultaneously produce feelings of peace and patience. Patience and cooking are great partners when it comes to creating the best result in the kitchen. Food that is forced and rushed will often be found lacking in one area or another. So remember to slow down and pay attention to the food you are preparing. Your food will feel the love.

The final theory is that when we perceive food as being prepared with love or by someone who loves us, our brains will automatically have higher levels of satisfaction when tasting that food. There is something satisfactory about knowing the person preparing our food is doing it out of love. Our brains perceive these good intentions and will in turn respond to this. This feeling of love will make our food taste better with every bite.

I feel blessed to have a mother who always prepared our meals with love. There is still something much more comforting about sitting around her dinner table than eating anywhere else. I could never quite put a finger on why that was, but now I know. She made it with love.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those women who not only filled our bellies, but nourished our souls as well. From now on, don’t forget to add the most important ingredient—love.

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