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Volume III
January, 2012

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Neighbor Gifts Poll Results

What would you rather have from a neighbor this year?

A Homemade Treat 71%
A Ready-Mix in a Jar 23%
Something Store-Bought 6%


I said a mix in a jar because I work in a candy store. My house always has something sweet and a mix I could make at my own convenience is a better option for me.

I actually did a cookbook- should send you a pic of it- it was awesome!

There are so many goodies already, so with the Ready-Mix in a Jar, it can be made at a later date.

A homemade treast is only good if they happen to be staying home - what if they will be traveling soon after the gift is given, or are too busy over the next several days ot enjpy it. A ready-mix xan be used when they are ready for it.

homemade is alway the best because it shows more effort and thought for the gift

Just be sure to make something that stays fresh for a few days because you can't always find everyone home on the first try.

My neighbor always brings us a some of her homemade cookies. She only puts about 8 cookies on the plate but her kind gesture marks the beginning of the holiday season for us.

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