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Cook'n Grocery Shopping Lists

Do you ever forget to write down items you need on your shopping list or get overwhelmed trying to make the right list? Or do you spend too much on groceries because of poor planning?

If you answered “ yes ” to at least one of the previous questions, we have a product for you! Cook‘n Recipe Organizer will help you save time, money, and eat healthier meals with its easy-to-use grocery-shopping assistant features.

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Cook'n allows you to:

Compiles your family's shopping list automatically

Cook'n automatically combines the food on your menus and makes a grocery shopping list. It even combines the totals from similar ingredients on different recipes. No more scrambling to put together a list at the last minute!

Organizes shopping list items by aisle

When Cook'n generates a shopping list it organizes it by food categories. This feature will save you time at the store! If you want to create a monthly shopping list, Cook'n even gives you the option to exclude perishables after week 1

Converts to package sizes (ie; tablespoon tomato paste to 8 oz. cans)

A shopping list wouldn't be very helpful if it said you needed to pick up a tablespoon of salt. That's why Cook'n is designed to convert measurements into package sizes. Don't worry, if you already have the ingredient on hand, you can remove it from the list with a click of the mouse.

Choose which brands you want for your foods

Cook'n is so detailed to help your shopping needs that it gives you the option to select which brands you prefer. Several popular brands are included with the program with accurate nutritonal and cost information. If you can't find your brand Cook'n will let you add it!

Calculates your grocery cost

Cook'n also calculates the approximate cost of your shopping list. You can print off these detailed lists for easy access while shopping.

Cook'n Recipe Organizer

Cook'n Recipe Organizer

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