The Essential Tips for Losing Weight

When it comes to eating healthy, the thing I probably struggle with the most is snacking. I can't lie- I love to eat. Whether we're playing games or I'm working on a project or just going through day-to-day things- I tend to eat while I'm doing it. This is definitely not the healthiest habit of mine, so I've made it one of my goals to snack less. But let's be honest- some things are easier said than done! If you're like me and need to work on snacking in a healthy way, then here are some great tips.

Pre-wash and cut veggies . One of the reasons I tend to grab unhealthy snacks is they are so easy! Usually all you have to do is open a bag or package. To make healthy snacks such as carrots and celery a little more accessible, spend some time at the beginning of every week prepping your veggies so they are ready to go whenever you have the desire to snack! Wash them, cut them, and keep them in Tupperware containers or mason jars in the fridge. I think this one tip alone will be huge for me.

Wait 20 minutes. It takes about 20 minutes for a food craving to pass. Often times we are guilty of grabbing something the minute that craving takes hold of us- but next time try waiting 20 minutes until the craving passes.

Exercise! This seems counterintuitive, but when we are active and exercising regularly, our body tends to crave healthier foods. The days I take a good run, my body would definitely rather have that crisp, sweet apple over other sweet options.

No snacking after dinner. This one is probably the hardest for me, but this can make the biggest difference in weight loss! Your body needs time to digest dinner before going to bed. This will actually help you sleep better as well. Brush your teeth right after dinner to help discourage any snacking. Also, try picking up a new hobby or tackling a project to distract you from your evening cravings. It's hard to be tempted by food if you're sewing a quilt or playing the piano;).

Substitute. If you're craving something sweet, try snacking on a healthier alternative. Raspberries, low-fat yogurt, grapes, etc are all tasty snacks that could help curb those sweet cravings. If you're craving something salty, try eating an avocado with a sprinkle of salt, lightly salted almonds, or even fresh popped popcorn (lightly salted).

Listen to your body . My sister has been studying a lot about weight loss and dieting, and she came across a book called Intuitive Eating. It talks all about listening to your body and giving it what it really needs. One thing that really stood out to me when my sister was telling me about it was that if your body is really, really craving something (like chocolate;) ), don't be afraid to indulge a little. If you hold out, you'll end up binging later, so sometimes it's better to indulge and give yourself a little treat (as long as you don't go crazy;) ). The key is to really listen to your body and learn to recognize what your body is trying to tell you.

What other tricks do you use to curb your snacking or to make your snacks healthy? I'd love to hear all about it!


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