5 Years of Happy Eating!

My sweet hubby and I are celebrating 5 years of marriage this month. We are officially leaving the newlywed stage! ;D I can't believe it's already been 5 years- and yet I don't remember what life was like without him:). And as I look back on our last 5 years, it's funny to see how many memories are brought back simply by bringing up food.

Before I married Anthony, I had never heard of a German pancake. We grew up on my grandma's sourdough pancakes. As much as I loved those, German pancakes are now my personal preference. It's one of his favorite meals, so we've had it on many a Father's Day and birthday;).

A strange food combination Anth introduced me to when we were in high school was dipping my chicken nuggets from Wendy's into a chocolate frosty. I've always been a fries and shake girl, but I never realized that chicken nuggets dipped in my frosty are actually super tasty too! I still remember the tree we were sitting under when he showed me for the first time:).

He also showed me how to make a basic cheese quesadilla on the stove. It seems silly that we would have to show me that, but growing up in a house full of 12 people meant we really utilized the microwave. One of our favorite Sunday meals after church is a basic cheese quesadilla with Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Not necessarily healthy, but tasty:).

It's also funny to think of the meals I would never make- except I know he loves them, so I do anyway:). I really dislike marinara/tomato sauces, but my hubby loves it. We've had several meals of spaghetti and French bread pizza (not enough if you ask him;) ), and though I don't personally love them, he acts as if I have slaved away in the kitchen all day when I do prepare them:). He's very good to me:).

One of our weaknesses is Arby's. Seems silly, but we seriously love Arby's. When we can't find a sitter and don't want to cook, Arby's is our go-to take home date food. I had never eaten at Arby's before meeting Anth- again, growing up in a household full of kids, we didn't go out to eat very much, and if we did, Arby's was never first choice for a bunch of picky eaters;). Maybe that's another reason I love Arby's- it's something else that reminds me of him:).

When I was pregnant with our first, Anth went through a cooking phase. He's always enjoyed cooking (our first date he made dinner for me), but he started trying a bunch of new recipes around this time. One night he made a green salad with an orange coriander seed dressing- and it was disgusting haha:D. We both gagged on the first couple bites and decided we didn't feel bad throwing it out. To this day, the smell of coriander makes me a little sick;). We still look back at that and laugh:).

But he also has his good cooking stories! He's cooked lamb, artisan breads, and these tasty cream cheese things that I don't even know the name of. One of our favorites is his orange chicken. It's even better than Panda Express's, and I can never make it the same way he can. So I always make my mom's bacon fried rice, and they pair perfectly together. Just like us:).

I've loved living and eating with this guy of mine for the last 5 years, and I can't wait to see what the next 5 years has in store:).

Do you and your significant other have any particular foods/restaurants that are yours? It was really fun for me to reflect back on our relationship with food in mind- you should definitely do the same thing. It will probably bring back some great memories:). I've love to hear them!


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