Notes from Famous Folks

Use a Silpat mat to make chocolate topping.

"Spread warm melted chocolate evenly over the mat and place it in the freezer. After it has firmed up (about five minutes), roll the Silpat like a sleeping bag. All the chocolate cracks and separates into homemade chocolate chips! You can sprinkle these on cakes or cookies, or in ice cream for crunch."—Chloe Coscarelli, Winner of Food Network "Cupcake Wars" and creator of Farm Sanctuary's Thanksgiving Menu

Use freezer bags for mess-free breading.

"Some of my favorite uses besides storage: Filling them with purées, sauces, or chocolate and cutting a tip off a bottom corner for a disposable pastry bag; mess-free, even breading: put flour in one, beaten eggs in a second and bread crumbs in a third (dip foods like shrimp in each, close and shake); cutting them open and placing on a tortilla press so fresh tortillas come off very easily."—Chef Johnny Prep/i>

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