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Volume IV
January, 2014

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Chili Mix and Slow Cooker Recipe

Question I am not sure who I need to address for this, so I will start here :). I have Cook’n version 10 and recently I found a recipe for you homemade chili seasoning mix and crockpot chili recipe. I made both the mix and the chili and my family absolutely loved this stating "this is the best chili you have ever made". That said—I cannot locate this recipe anywhere. Could you please direct me to the recipe or possibly email this recipe to me?

I would appreciate any help you can supply .... my family is begging for me to make this chili ASAP!

Thanks in advance!

—Jeanne Hirsch


Hi Jeanne-

Here is the link to the recipe you requested. Looks like a good one!

Chili Seasoning Mix & Crockpot Chili

Happy Cook'n,

Desi Wightman
DVO's Registered Dietitian since 2000

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