BBQ Chicken

Serves: 4
Total Calories: 570


2 pounds chicken thighs and legs
3/4 cup barbecue sauce


1. Place the chicken on a medium-hot grill or barbecue. If you are using a barbecue, close the lid and cover the chicken.
2. As the chicken cooks, turn it over every 3 or 4 minutes. Depending on the thickness of the pieces, cook between 15 to 25 minutes, or until the juices run clear from the thickest part when poked with a fork.
3. When the chicken is nearly done, brush the top with barbecue sauce, then turn the pieces over and brush sauce on the other side. Cook for 1 or 2 minutes, turn the pieces over, and brush on more sauce. Cook for another minute, then remove from the heat and serve.

Important tips
* Grills can develop hot spots where the grease drips on the flames. Be sure to monitor your chicken as it cooks, and move the pieces around if hot spots develop. Closing the lid of a barbecue and shutting down the air vent will also reduce flame-ups.
* Most barbecue sauce has a high sugar content, which will burn black if put on the chicken too early. For this reason, it is best to add the sauce during the last few minutes of cooking time. A little burning is to be expected and even adds flavor, but too much is not desirable.

Nutritional Facts:

Serves: 4
Total Calories: 570
Calories from Fat: 300

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