Thanksgiving Turkey

Serves: 0


* See note below.


* Amount to Serve: Allow three-fourths to one pound per serving when buying turkey. Remove giblets from body cavity of fresh turkey and remove wings use to make stock for gravy (below). Rinse turkey with cold water drain and pat dry. Place Savory Turkey Dressing (below) in neck and body cavities just before roasting. Do not pack tightly as stuffing must have space to expand during cooking. Fasten neck skin to back with a skewer. Close body cavity with skewers and lace with string. Tie drumsticks to tail. Place on rack in a shallow open pan with breast down. Brush with melted butter roast in 325° oven to 2 hours. Turn turkey over cover loosely with a tent of foil and continue roasting until done, allowing 20 to 25 minutes per pound or until meat thermometer reaches 185° (insert thermometer bulb in thickest part of the breast or center of the inner thigh muscle). When two-thirds done, cut the cord holding drumsticks and tail to insure thorough cooking. To test for doneness, press thickest part of drumstick between two fingers, protecting fingers with a cloth. Meat will feel soft if done, and the leg joint will give easily when drumstick is moved up and down.

Allow turkey to stand about 15 to 20 minutes before carving. Make Rich Turkey Gravy from turkey drippings and stock from cooked giblets and wings (below).

This Thanksgiving Turkey recipe is from the Family Favorites Cookbook. Download this Cookbook today.

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