What Are Your Kitchen Essentials?

Moving definitely makes you evaluate what exactly is necessary, and what is not. Especially since we are moving across the country, and will most likely be spending a few months exploring the country in an RV, I really have to narrow down my essentials to the bare basics! It’s been interesting to see how different everyone’s “essentials” are as I’ve been researching and reading different viewpoints. A wine aerator is not something I even have in my kitchen, let alone would I list it as essential- but for some people, it is!

When it comes down to it, here are my kitchen essentials:

One can opener. Self-explanatory.

A set of measuring cups and spoons. Also self-explanatory.

One or two wooden spoons. I don’t know why it took me so long in my marriage to buy one, but man do I love it. You don’t have to worry about it melting or getting too hot or scratching your dishes. The perfect utensil.

A griddle. Pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, multiple eggs at once- a griddle is essential if you have a big family!

A spatula- for all those pancakes and eggs! And to saute chicken and veggies and cut brownies and cake- they are versatile and used all the time!

One whisk- because sometimes a spoon just doesn’t cut it.

A rubber spatula- to get every ounce of that brownie batter out of the bowl.

Two cast iron pans- a really large one and a medium size for when you don’t need the largest size, or when you’re cooking two different things on the stove! (Like BBQ chicken and sauteed veggies).

A saucepan. For all the sauces, of course. Or boxed mac n’ cheese.

One 9x13 pan. Casseroles, rolls, cakes, brownies- this is definitely an essential for me!

2 or 3 well-made plastic mixing bowls- a really large one, and a couple smaller ones for all the other mixing you do. (Like when you need to make frosting for the cookies in your other mixing bowl!)

An electric mixer. I’m lazy, ok? Sometimes I just don’t want to stir for 3 hours. And there’s no way I can get all the lumps out like an electric mixer can.

2 cutting boards- one for veggies, and one for meat.

A few good knives- at least 3.

A toaster. I love me some toast and eggs for breakfast. But toasters are also great for frozen waffles, bagels, english muffins- all the delicious breakfast food.

One big platter for serving. We do “monkey platters” for lunch all the time- basically a kid friendly charcuterie board. Easiest lunch EVER and my kids love it.

One crock pot- though I’m thinking I may need to invest in an Instant Pot for the RV life! I don’t love the idea of leaving something plugged in all day, especially when we’re out hiking!

A serving spoon. You need something to dish up all your delicious food!

A couple tupperware containers for leftovers. I hate throwing anything away! Though I guess you could always just store things in their serving dish with plastic wrap over it. But way less effective, and that takes much more space as well!

One muffin pan or 2 bread pans- I’d prefer to have both, but if I could only choose one, I’d go with the muffin pan. Banana muffins, single egg cup servings, cupcakes, sorting condiments and toppings- a muffin pan is so versatile!

A blender bottle. I love protein shakes, and they make a quick and easy snack so a blender bottle is a must for me!

A cookie sheet. One pan dinners (like chopped chicken sausage and roasted veggies), cookies, rolls, and a plethora of other things all can be cooked on a cookie sheet. Really, it’s best to have 2, but if I can only take 1, it’s better than none!

I’m probably missing something, but those are definitely my basic essentials.

And then of course, a few plates, bowls, cups and eating utensils.

What are your kitchen essentials? And I’m talking bare basics here. Is there anything on my list you wouldn’t include? Is there anything you think is missing? I’d love to hear your thoughts! (Because I’m sure there are differences!) Share with us in the comments below!

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