The Do's and Don'ts of Charcuterie Board Maintenance

My sweet mother-in-law has a knack for knowing where to go to find beautiful things. She loves all things elegant, beautiful, and motherly, and I was showing her a fun book I bought for my birthday that’s full of gorgeous and inspirational pictures of charcuterie boards. As we were perusing through the beautiful pictures, I was telling her that I have a large rectangular board that I love using, and because of all the beautiful pictures, I felt like I should invest in a large circular board as well!

Imagine my surprise and delight when she showed up to my house a couple weeks later with this BEAUTY!

My mother-in-law is one of the most selfless and generous people I know, and I’m very blessed to have her. Knowing my mother-in-law and her tastes, I’m sure this was not an inexpensive board, and I want to be sure I take proper care of such a beautiful and fun gift!

Whether you have a charcuterie board or not, wooden utensils, bowls, and platters definitely give an elegant touch to any dinner table, and they can last as long as any hardy kitchenware (I’m looking at you, cast-iron!). But they do require particular care to ensure they’ll last! Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of your wooden kitchenware:


  • Use dish soap and water- These are totally fine to use for those times when you have tougher foods to get off, or you want to wash your board especially well after setting out meats, etc.
  • Oil regularly, especially if your board is getting frequent use. This will keep it looking beautiful and protect the wood from moisture that will cause warping.
  • Dry off thoroughly after rinsing. Don’t just set it out on a dish rack- use a towel to dry off any excess water.
  • Use food-grade mineral oil, hemp oil, flaxseed oil to protect your board and keep it looking beautiful!
  • Use food-grade wax if you’re wanting a little extra protection in addition to oil.
  • Use kosher salt and halved lemons or vinegar and baking soda to get rid of smells and bacteria. Keep it sanitized and smelling clean!
  • Use sandpaper if your board is starting to feel a little rough. A very fine grade is all you need to touch it up- then give it a good oiling to keep it smooth!

  • Use the dishwasher- the heat will warp the wood!
  • Use abrasive scrubbers like steel wool- you’ll ruin the beautiful finish! Use plastic scrapers, gentle dish soap and hot water for those stubborn bits of food
  • Soak your board in water- while rinsing and washing your board is fine, letting it soak for a longer period of time will definitely cause warping!
  • Use olive or vegetable oils- these can get rancid over time and cause your board to smell that way! And you don’t want that smell to affect the foods you’re serving!
  • Store it in a closed space. Air flow will help your board stay dry and keep it from building up unwanted moisture that can cause warping and breaking. Boards are beautiful- so don’t be afraid to display them! Get creative and use them as kitchen decor either on the counter, or hanging on the wall. You can also keep it somewhere like a large pantry that still allows air flow, but keeps it out of sight if that’s your preference ;).
Charcuterie boards may take a little more conscious care, but when shown the proper love, they can stay beautiful and serve your family for many, many years!


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