How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean All the Time!

As much as I love Marie Kondo, for all my organizing and decluttering needs, there is one blogger that has my heart for cleaning routines. She is Becky, the blogger at and she is the queen of a clean house with lots of kids.

My oldest sister has followed her for years and with a family of six and by using Becky's principles, she maintains a clean home and wakes up to a sparkling clean kitchen every day.

I am not quite there. I trade in cleaning time for snuggles and Netflix with my husband every night and wake up with a sink full of dirty dishes and cluttered countertops on most days. That is--I used to. The last month I have been really focusing on staying on top of the dishes and keeping the countertops clutter free. By maintaining this all day, a little at a time, there is hardly anything to do after dinner every night, so I'm not sacrificing any snuggles. In fact, we are all so much happier around here, especially me, so I get to Netflix and chill guilt free!! :)

Here are a few tips from my girl, Becky, on how to keep your kitchen clean all the time. It is totally doable, I am testament to that--and it is quite easy!

Daily Routine for Keeping Kitchen Clean

First thing Becky does every day is unload the dishwasher. She brews coffee first thing in the morning so you can unload the dishwasher while you're doing a simple task like this. This is great because you are all ready for the morning dishes and can keep filling the dishwasher all day as needed.

After breakfast everyone clears their own plates and puts them in the dishwasher or on the counter. She has her kids pack their lunches while she does a quick counter wipe down after putting any remaining dishes in the dishwasher.

After lunch--same routine--put dishes in the dishwasher and do a quick counter wipe down. If you've done any cooking or prepping for dinner and the dishwasher is now full, go ahead and run it and it will be ready in time for one of your blessed children to unload it when they get home from school. If it's not full by this point, wait to run it until after dinner.

Daily Tasks in the Kitchen

Becky believes that if you do not take care of the little tasks during the day it will take you much longer than if you just keep up with them at meal times and throughout the day. (Think about food getting crusted on dishes, instead of simply rinsing them off when the food is still fresh.) This is the simple maintenance that keeps your kitchen clean most of the time!


Wipe counters -- after each meal as needed

Check floors -- quick sweep if necessary

Clutter -- put anything away like mail or school papers that needs to be put away

Nightly sink scrub -- after dinner is cleaned up, the dishwasher is loaded, and the table and counters are clear and clean, you can make a simple scrub to make that sink shiny and spotless

Stove and Backsplash -- give your stove and backsplash a wipe-down to make sure you get off any splashes or spills from dinner

Fresh towels -- now put out a fresh towel for people to dry hands on and leave your counter-wiping/dishwashing cloth out to dry and you are all set and ready for a new day


2 cups baking soda

10 drops lemon essential oil

10 drops clove essential oil

Castile soap (or dish soap) (this is not added to the baking soda until it's used--keep reading)

Container with a lid or shaker top (Mason jars are great)

Sink safe scrub brush


Put baking soda in your container

Add essential oils to the top of the baking soda

Stir and combine with a kitchen knife

Wet your sink

Sprinkle liberally in your sink

Add a squirt or two of dish or castile soap

Scrub with a sink-safe scrubber

Rinse thoroughly

Do you have any tips for the rest of us on how you maintain your kitchen and keep it clean? Do you agree that one of the best feelings in the world is waking up to sparkling clean kitchen in the morning? Please share any thoughts or tips in the comments below.


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