Easy Sides and Appetizers for Your Memorial Day Celebrations

How many of you have a fun Memorial Day planned? My plans? Hopefully having a baby ;). This little boy is due on Memorial Day, so our plans are very fluid and flexible to say the least! But that doesn't mean we don't intend to enjoy ourselves to the max with some tasty family food- if I'm around, that is ;).

My family usually does a barbecue on Memorial Day, which is such a fun way to spend time together and welcome in summer. We try to visit the graves of our loved ones earlier in the day or even a couple days before, and Monday night is all about enjoying time as a family. Since we're with family and trying to build relationships by spending time together, I don't always want to spend tons of time in the kitchen preparing food- but I sure want to have tasty things to munch on! Especially as I'm 9 months pregnant this year... I'm definitely going to be planning on bringing something super simple! Luckily there are so many great sides and appetizers out there that take minimal work- you literally don't even need a recipe! If you're looking for some easy, simple, but tasty sides for your Memorial Day celebrations, read on!

*Pigs in a Blanket. Wrap hot dogs in crescent dough and bake or grill- easy and tasty!

*Lil' Smokies. These are just tasty by themselves, but you can also serve them with some dipping sauces to take it to the next level- BBQ sauce, honey mustard, ketchup, or ranch.

*Beans and Dogs. Pork and beans goes great with Lil' Smokies- just throw them together and heat them up on the stove or even in a crockpot. You could add a little brown sugar to make them sweeter, but they taste great just by themselves!

*Chips and Dip. Such a basic, but who doesn't enjoy some potato chips and french onion dip? Or tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole? They're classics for a reason!

*Fruit. As much as I like savory flavors, it's always refreshing to have some sweet fruit on your plate as well! Strawberries and grapes literally just require a wash, but if you feel up to cutting some fruit as well, pineapple and watermelon always go over great!

*Veggie Tray. My dad always jokes that veggie trays are pretty much worthless- but I disagree! Sometimes you want something to munch on, and it's nice to be able to grab a carrot stick or celery stalk instead of another greasy and heavy potato chip! Just have a side of ranch dip for the picky eaters and you're good to go!

*Cheeseballs. These can be very elaborate, but a simple cheese ball is so easy to make and so tasty! My mom always just used allspice and green onions to flavor her cream cheese and then rolled it in chopped pecans. So simple- but one of the first things gone every time. I love using Wheat Thins as my dipping cracker of choice.

*Bean Dips. This another classic with so many variations, but you don't need to do anything fancy! My mom loves to mix refried beans with enchilada sauce, cover with cheese and bake til the cheese is nice and brown. But we also just stick refried beans in a pan and cover with sour cream and taco seasoning, cheese, green onions, tomatoes, and olives. Just use what you have on hand and whatever sounds delicious!

What's your favorite thing to serve when you need something delicious and simple? I'd love to hear!

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