What’s Your Culinary IQ?

You know those internet quizzes that pop up on Facebook all the time? I don’t always take them, but I came across a couple that quizzed about cooking knowledge, and I thought it would be so fun to see how much I know, and to see how much YOU all know!

I’ll be honest- I am definitely no professional chef, and after taking these quizzes I am even more convinced of that fact. While I definitely know a few things here and there, I don’t know everything- not even close! ;)

So I looked up a few cooking quizzes, and here’s what my results were:


This particular quiz asked questions about things such as tempered chocolate, flambe, deveining shrimp. According to Brainfall, I am a Sous Chef, scoring at 80%- not bad, not bad.


Quizfreak’s questionnaire included questions about thickening sauces, poaching, and rapid rise vs instant yeast. I got 9/12, which earned me the title of “Chef Extraordinaire”. Probably should have done better, but not too bad….

Then I got to the trickier stuff ;).



Buzzfeed had a couple different quizzes. Both showed me just how little I have scratched of the culinary world. I don’t know about you guys, but I have no idea what a batonnet cut is, or what barding is, or gastrique- luckily I at least knew how many tablespoons are in a cup! On both quizzes I scored 5/10….. Basically Buzzfeed knows I am a decent cook, but definitely no professional :).


How stuff works had a quiz as well, and I pretty much got the same results- 11 out of 20. Apparently I know the basic components of pesto and the difference between convection and conventional ovens, but I can’t tell you the 18th century term for flattening chicken ;).


The last quiz I took was right in line with the others, but a little more extensive! I scored 21/40- earning the title of Average Joe. I certainly couldn’t tell you what a nockerl or geoduck is- but I at least know the seasonings that go on a typical Everything bagel!

While these quizzes were fun to take, I realized I’m not the type of chef that is cooking gourmet meals several times a week, experimenting with exotic ingredients and serving things with flare. However, I make a mean cheese quesadilla, and my family is fed 3 times a day everyday, so that’s good enough for me- for now :). These quizzes showed me how much more I have to learn, and I’m excited to keep building my repertoire. Maybe someday I’ll make it to the “Professional Chef” status ;).

I am so curious!! What did you guys score on these quizzes? Share with us in the comments below!

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