April Fool’s Pranks That Can Stay in the Kitchen!

April is almost here, and that means it’s almost April Fool’s Day! I can’t let April Fool’s Day go by without sharing some fun ideas, and this year I thought I would do something different. I usually focus on some fun food ideas you can use with the kids, but who says that adults can’t have in on the fun too? So here are some fun pranks you can try- and all you need is your kitchen ;).

-Mix the sugar and salt. I don’t think this is very funny if someone is needing to bake something for a special occasion, but for just a simple meal mix-up, definitely :).

-Fill up a glass with flavored Jello, posing as Kool-Aid. You can even have the straws already added to make it extra convincing ;). Then watch as everyone tries to drink their undrinkable drink!

-Put food coloring in the milk the night before to really startle the next milk-drinker!

-Stick googly eyes on the food in your fridge or pantry. I think this one is so fun! Who wouldn’t get a giggle out of that? :D

-If you have boxed cereal in your pantry, mix up the bags inside the boxes and let everyone pour their own cereal. If you can get someone really distracted they might not even notice! ;)

-Take a blown up balloon and tape it inside a box of cereal that has been cut in half lengthwise. Frost it up and ask your spouse (or whoever!) to cut into it. I’m tempted to try this one with my hubby! But don’t worry- I’ll have a backup slice of Costco chocolate cake to make it up to him ;).

-Pour a bowl of cereal the night before (milk included) and freeze it (be sure to leave the spoon in the bowl, just as you would if serving it). The next morning watch as everyone struggles to eat their cereal!

-Fill a couple of Oreos with toothpaste instead of the creamy frosting for a minty fresh surprise ;).

-Tape an air horn inside your pantry door (or any other door) and wait…. You’ll definitely be able to hear when someone finds it!

-Print out a silly picture of your face and put it in jar. You may not want to do this one if you live with someone with a heart condition ;).

Pranks like these can definitely be fun, but be careful who you play them on. Some people are more sensitive than others- and I personally think you should only play pranks if BOTH parties are going to laugh. Jokes aren’t funny when they’re at the expense of someone else. Ok, I’m getting off my soap box ;).

What fun kitchen tricks do you have up your sleeve? Share with us in the comments below!

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