5 Day Meal Plan

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DoveTailing Tips

For tomorrow's lunch, mix a can of tuna, mayonnaise, and chopped celery together. Take these flatbread crackers, along with the tuna salad for a yummy, easy lunch.

Instead of adding the salad dressing to then entire salad, divide the salad onto plates for each serving, Drizzle each serving with dressing. Save the leftover salad and dressing to serve with Meal 3.

Suggested Sides

 Avocado Rose

 Nathan's Lemon Cake

DoveTailing Tips

While juicing the lemons for the cake, juice and zest 2-3 extra lemons and save to use for Meal 4, Pan Fried Fish in Lemon Caper Sauce.

Remember to serve the leftover salad from Meal 1. Plate each salad and drizzle with the dressing.

DoveTailing Tips

You already juiced and zested the lemons during Meal 3, cutting your time down for this recipe. And less clean-up, too!

Meal 5: Pork Tamales

DoveTailing Tips

Freeze any leftover Green Chili Sauce. When ready to use, thaw and heat.

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