5 Day Meal Plan

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DoveTailing Tips

For a delicious breakfast, with any leftover Sausage and Vegetable Skillet Dinner, heat it up in a frying pan with a little coconut oil (or other oil). When hot, add several eggs, and stir-fry until eggs are set. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese and serve when cheese is melted.

Make a pot of rice while your meal is cooking. When it is done and cooled, place in the refrigerator to use on Day 2, Mexican Rice Bread, and on Day 4, Vegetable Fried Rice.

DoveTailing Tips

Make extra Mexican Rice Bread to serve on Day 3 with the Hearty Beef and Barley Soup.

DoveTailing Tips

Pumpkin Ginger Muffins are so good for breakfast the next morning, served with a freshly ground coffee.

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