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September is birthday month around here. My husband’s birthday is this weekend, and the two sisters that are closest to me also have birthdays this month. 3 birthdays doesn’t seem like a whole lot in one month, but when it’s 3 of the closest people in my life, it definitely makes it a month for partying;).

One of the ways we party is by enjoying all the free food a birthday can offer! Did you know how many places offer free food when you have a birthday? I knew there were some, but I had no idea just how many until my sisters and I really started taking it seriously and doing some homework. My sister Sydney has totally taken this to a whole new level and has been going out almost daily to enjoy a free treat of some kind- sometimes it’s a cookie, an ice cream cone, a free appetizer, and sometimes an entire meal.

As I was thinking about her dedication, I thought- who doesn’t love free food? And why not share the wealth with all of you wonderful readers? So here is a list of some of the free food you can get around your birthday month (a word to the wise- several of these places will also offer free food just for signing up- so rather than signing up for everything right before your birthday, do it a couple months ahead so you can have enough time to enjoy all the freebies you’ll be receiving;) ).

Some of these you do have to make another purchase (like a buy one get one meal free), but if you’re like me, I’m usually taking my hubby anyway;). Just makes for a cheaper date night! :D

Red Robin will give you a free meal, including their endless fries! (BOGO).

You can get a free root beer float from the A&W restaurant.

Tucano’s Brazilian Grill will also give you a free meal (BOGO). Since my sister and husband both have birthdays in September, it’s been our tradition to go together and we always have a blast:).

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit will give you a free barbecue sandwich.

You can get a free bread pudding from Mimi’s Café.

Noodles & Company will give you a free bowl of noodles!

Arby’s will give you a free shake with any purchase (their orange cream shake is tasty!!)

You can get a free entrée from Rubio’s.

Coldstone will give you free ice cream! (BOGO) I’m all about free ice cream.

And speaking of free ice cream, Baskin Robbins will give you a free scoop of ice cream!

And just in case you need more ice cream, Culver’s will give you a free sundae. Let’s be honest- every birthday needs lot of ice cream;).

You can get a free stack of pancakes from IHOP! Free breakfast is always awesome;).

Einstein Bagels will give you a free sandwich with the purchase of any drink- another great birthday breakfast option!

With most of these, you’ll need to sign up for their rewards program/email newsletter, and these often come with additional coupons! The other thing I love about many of these birthday coupons is they give you a window of time to use it, and it varies from a few days to a whole month!

This list only includes some of the many places my sisters have discovered this month. Really, most places offer some kind of birthday perk, so don’t be afraid to ask your favorite places what they do for birthdays. Where are some of your favorite places to go for birthday treats? Share the wealth below! ;D


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