5 Day Meal Plan

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Suggested Sides

 Naan Bread

Suggested Dessert

 Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream)

DoveTailing Tips

Morning of, or prior evening, make Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream) so it freezes for tonight’s dinner.

Triple Naan recipe. Divide into thirds. Make Naan with 1/3 of recipe. Roll 1/3 into a ball and place in zip-lock bag. Squeeze out air and freeze – use this recipe for Witches Fingers on Day 4. For last 1/3, divide in half and freeze in two packages. Use one package for Day 5, Mummy Dogs. The remaining half of 1/3 can be used to make Naan on another day. To defrost – remove from freezer 1-2 hours, or place in refrigerator the morning you will use it for dinner. Do not microwave.

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