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Volume III
November 30, 2012

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Fight the Flu

By Sydney Hill

It's "the most wonderful time of the year", the song sings, and I'll have to say that I agree! Christmastime is a great time where everyone shares their joy. Unfortunately it's also a well-known time to share the germs of the common cold and flu. In fact, I've got a cold at this very moment. No fun. Who wants to be stuck at home when there's things to do?

It's cold outside, and it's a high-traffic time of year. Below are the foods that are most rich in Vitamin C. It is believed by many that vitamin C does help the immune system. It doesn't hurt to try.

Some of these were a surprise to me!

Fruits HIGH in Vitamin C
Red and green hot chili peppers
Bell Peppers
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Parsley
Dark, leafy greens
Oranges and Clementines
Grapefruit Juice
Vegetable Juice
Acerola Cherry
Amalaki Fruit (pictured below)

Okay, some of those might be hard to find at the local grocery store, I didn't even know some of those had vitamin C, or even existed. But, if you can keep some of them on hand, hopefully you and yours will be able to have more of a holly jolly holiday!


Fruits image:

Cold image:

Amalaki fruit image:

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