2 Truths and a Lie: Love Edition, with Italian Sodas

2 Truths and a Lie: Love Edition, with Italian Sodas

Every year, I host a girl’s only Valentines Party! It’s a fun reason to come together with friends and eat, visit and laugh together. The fun thing about hosting it every year is that I never have to reinvent the party—I have my menu, games and invite ready to go from the prior year, so it’s very simple to execute!

The highlight of the party every year is Two Truths and A Lie: Love Edition. Have uniform pieces of paper with a spot for their name, and numbered 1-3 ready to pass out with a pen to each person. Then invite all the guests to write down 2 true facts about their past or current love lives, and one lie. It is nice to give them some prompts to help them think of funny, unique experiences. Here are a few ideas:

A story from your honeymoon

A wedding day failure

A proposal fact or story

An awkward kissing moment

A high school dance event

A previous engagement detail

An embarrassing moment with someone other than your husband

Anything is game, but these are some ideas to get people thinking. Coming up with their submissions will take longer than you’d think, so it’s a good idea to hand them out early and then eat and visit while they fill out their papers.

When it’s time to start, Call up 3 girls and give them their 3 papers- but not necessarily to their owner. For example, If Callie, Jenny and Stefanie are up front, have Callie hold/read Jenny’s, Jenny hold Stefanie’s and Stefanie hold Callie’s. Does that make sense? Each girl will read the 3 items on the page they are holding, and the audience then has to guess whose paper belongs to who! Of course, keeping in mind that one of the items is false! Once the group correctly assigns each paper to the contributor, then they can start guessing which of their “facts” is the lie. This game always reveals juicy facts and gets the whole group laughing!

I usually invite my guests to bring bite size food items to share, and I provide an Italian Soda bar! Here is my go to recipe for Italian sodas:

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Add 3 Tbsp of flavored syrup into a clear 24 oz cup. Then fill halfway with ice. Add sparkling water to 1-1.5” from the top of the cup. Finally, add a bit of half and half to make it creamy, and stir and drink through a fun straw! You’ll love it!

I have also done some fun minute to win it games that keep everyone engaged. All things to try in 1 minute:

Stacking conversation hearts as high as possible in 1 minute

Chopstick pick up - picking up conversation hearts and placing them in a cup

Tossing mini marshmallows into a partners mouth

The snowball shake- with Vaseline on your nose, moving as many cotton balls as possible from one plate to another

Try some or all of these ideas if you’re looking for a fun Valentine’s celebration with friends!

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