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5 Day Meal Plan

    Rose Turnbow
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DoveTailing Tips

When cooking the rice for today's meal, make a large batch. You will need 1 cup today, and use 2 cups for the lemon rice for Meal 2. Freeze the remaining for another time.

DoveTailing Tips

Use 2 cups of cooked rice made for Meal 1. Saute the onion, Add the cooked rice and with the rest of the ingredients except lemon pepper. Heat, then sprinkle with lemon pepper to serve.

Prepare for Meal 3 ahead of time. Ricotta mixture for the Cannoli Martinis, and crumbled the phyllo. Grate the orange-chocolate candy bars. (Don’t eat them) Cover and refrigerate ricotta mixture. Store phyllo and chocolate in airtight containers.

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