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Volume III
November, 2011

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Bread-Making Poll Results

What is Your Favorite Bread-Making Method?

Homemade the Long Way (73) 42%
Homemade Quick Bread (13) 7%
Bread Maker (58) 33%
Artisan Bread (17) 10%
Ready-Made Bread Dough (5) 3%
Store Bought! (9) 5%


Sourdough is my favorite!

I use a Bosh Mixer to make the "long way" easier, quicker and BETTER! I can make 5 loaves in about 2 hours- and this is enough bread to feed my family for nearly a week.

I use a bread maker to fix the dough and finish in my oven

It is such a better flavor than any other kind.

I like the challenge of making bread the long way

Ream's has an excellent in-home bread, white or wheat. Very good!

I have one recipe that I'll start the night before or get up in the middle of the night to start. It is very tempermental and will not allow anything but pottery or glass to surround it. The smell and taste however, say it all. Yummy shredded Wheat cereal bread!

The Automatic Bread Maker was one of the greatest inventions! You can ALWAYS have the smell of homemade bread in your kitchen with out to much work. Great for busy families!

I love quick breads because they are just that! Quick! :-)

Nothing beats the real old fashioned home made bread. Even better if baked in a wood burning stove.

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