Have A Memorable Valentine’s Day At Home!

Who knew we’d be here a year later, right? Covid-19 has definitely made an impact on many holidays, and this Valentine’s Day may be no exception for many. While some places have definitely lightened up, many places are still under some form of restrictions/lockdowns. Your typical Valentine getaway might be a little difficult to pull off this year. But that’s no reason not to celebrate the day of love!

There are so many ways to have a fun and meaningful Valentine’s Day, even when stuck at home! My favorite Valentine’s memories are ones where we stayed at home!

  • Candlelight dinner. If you don’t have kids, (or if your kids are young enough to put down early), you can have a romantic dinner for two by candlelight. And if you have kids- you can still have a candlelight dinner! We’ve been doing this with our kids for a few years and they love it. It doesn’t even matter what you make for dinner- everything seems fancier by candlelight!

  • Make a special dinner Maybe you want to have an extra special meal that you can’t always afford to make- like filet mignon or lobster. Maybe you just make your spouse’s favorite meal! Don’t just treat it like another night- make something truly special for the occasion

  • Serve an all red/pink dinner With kids, this would be particularly fun! Spaghetti, strawberries, cherries, stuffed red peppers, tomato toast, salsa with red tortilla chips, red jello, chocolate chip cherry cookies, red velvet cake- so many tasty options that could help make a colorful and festive dinner!

  • Turn on music and practice dancing You could just have fun with this and do your own thing, but there’s also many tutorials to be found on YouTube! Grab your spouse and learn the waltz or cha-cha. This could be fun for kids as well!

  • Make a fort One year, I made a huge fort in our front room while my husband was at work. I blew up the air mattress, sprinkled rose petals, and set out some tasty snacks and fun games. It was SO much fun! You could string lights if you have them, or use battery-operated candles for ambiance. This is another one that could be a lot of fun for kids as well!

  • Dress up! If you’re going to be home, you might be tempted to just stay in sweatpants… but make the effort to dress up! It changes how you feel, and makes your spouse feel like you want to be attractive to them- it makes them feel good! It also helps to set the mood for a more memorable night! It’s a special occasion, after all! And if you really have nowhere to go, why not go all out and put on your best dress or suit? Have a black tie night at home! You know you want another excuse to pull out your nice stuff ;).

  • Heart attack everyone’s door Let everyone wake up to a fully decked out door to remind them how much they are loved! I like to stretch this for the first 14 days of February and put one heart on everyone’s door each day, with a reason written on each heart of something I love about them. It’s a great way for me to reflect on how much I love my family- and hopefully a good reminder for them, too!

  • Perform a special act of service Maybe you heart attack a lonely neighbor’s door. Maybe you take some homemade chocolate dipped strawberries to an elderly relative. Make cards for the local senior center. Find a way to spread the love to those outside your home, too! I think everyone could definitely use the extra love this year!

What are ways you like to celebrate at home? Share your ideas with us below!

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