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Volume II
October 7, 2006

Bad Veggie Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, What Vegetable Makes You Gag?

Surprisingly a lot of people responded with the comment that they like ALL veggies. Others responded as indicated below:

  • The winner; Lima Beans 24%
  • A close 2nd; Brussel Sprouts 21%
  • Eggplant 18%
  • Beets 11%
  • Spinach 8%
  • Asparagus 6%
  • Peas 5%
  • All of the above 4%
  • Broccoli 2% (amazing, I thought everybody hated broccoli)
  • Cauliflower 2%


I remember the green slop they called spinach, being served in our school cafeteria. I'm sure it's really very different in other kitchens, but I can't get the sight of that mess of green, slimy, stringy stuff out of my mind.

How about none of the above as an option!!! None of these gag me. I love them all! It's winter squash that gets me still at age 43!

I've always loved my vegs, except most of the bean family.

I have always loved all vegetables. When I was little I could not hold down meat even though we had access to the best steak in the country.

Either I don't like brussel sprouts or I've never had them cooked right. I've definitely never cooked them myself.

I swore that when I grew up I would never allow a brussel sprout in my home. Still goes!

I eat all vegetable except Eggplant and Lima beans


I've never tried to cook fresh, not frozen brussel sprouts. Hated the frozen ones too much, it was not worth the effort.

Well, eggplant doesn't really make me gag....I've just never had much chance to try it! LOVE everything else, though, especially Asparagus, beets, and spinach!

If you had the need to torture me to get some information out of me you'd be successful by waving some canned peas in my face.

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