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Volume II
August 31, 2006

Won't Touch That Stuff!

When I was a kid I remember I used to have a devil of a time eating my vegetables. Most green vegetables, when cooked, I literally could not hold down. Especially peas and asparagus! My father would point to the big hand on the kitchen wall clock and one of the numbers on its face and declare that if my vetetables were still on my plate when the two converged there would be dire consequences. I tried everything; stuffing them in my pockets, slipping them to the dog (I discovered dogs don't like vegetables either), sticking them to the underside of my chair, all to no avail!

I finaly out grew my adversion. In hindsight I blame a good part of my childhood distaste for all edible things green and warm on the fact that we lived in the city and both my father and mother worked. As a result no one was in too much of a mood for cooking at the end of their busy day. Almost without exception, the vegetables I was served came out a can.

There's a world of difference between canned and fresh vegetables. Fresh vegetables, when properly cooked are quite enjoyable. However, now that I'm an adult and can eat (or not) whatever I please there remains two veggies I still won't touch. Can you guess which two?

How about you? Take our poll below and see how many have a similar distaste.

Chef DVO Wants To Know
What Vegetables Make YOU Gag?

Brussel Sprouts
Lima Beans
All of the above

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