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Volume II
August 31, 2006

Favorite Cake Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, What's YOUR Favorite Cake.

We were quite surprised at the winner which just barely edged out what we thought would be everybody's favorite! Below are the official results:

  • Cheese Cake - 29%
  • Chocolate Cake - 27%
  • Spice or Flavored Cake - 11%
  • Ice Cream Cake - 10%
  • Other Cakes Not Listed - 9%
  • White, Angle, Sponge or Yellow Cake all tied at - 7%


I used to be a chocolate fan myself but I'm with the cheese cake group now!

Women, and other smart people, probably like them best, as they provide a lot of tasty food in a handy form. You can often use leftovers, and small pieces of vegetables that might not usually be eaten, to make a lot of food to feed a group.

Tunnel of Fudge cake is the BEST! It is our traditional family bithday cake.

Carrot with Cream Cheese Frosting takes the Cake!

Actually I like white cake, spice cakes, and cheese cake, as well as ice cream cake. It was hard to pick a favorite there.

Black Forest Cake - easy to make with cake mix and can of cherry pie filling. YMMM

I miss cake, I never met one I didn't like! Anybody out there have a "no sugar", "low carb" candidate?

Orange cake with cream cheese frosting and filling

Voted other because "any" chocolate cake won't do. Only my special chocolatecake with fluffy white frosting makes our mouths water.

I like my angel food cake plain, but it must be home made

(Not sure what this one means but here it is anyway, as posted)...I like the earthquaake because it is so unusual the wat its made. I make it all the time an I have seen 7 people stand in line to get a piece of it.

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