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Volume I
September 30, 2002

3 Games to Play

Kick The Can
Need: can or bucket
How to Play:

  1. Choose a kicker. The kicker kicks the can, and counts to 50 or sings through a favorite song. All the other players hide.
  2. After counting, the kicker puts the can or bucket upright and announces "Ready or Not, Here I Come." The kicker hunts for the hiders.
  3. When the kicker finds someone, he or she says the hider's name, races the hider back to the can, and tries to be the first to kick it again. If the kicker fails and the hider kicks it, the hider is free to go. If the kicker succeeds in kicking the can first, the hider goes to "jail" (a designated place near the can).
  4. Other hiders can sneak to the jail area and free the "inmates" by kicking the can. They do this at their own risk, for if the kicker spots them and kicks the can first, off to jail they go. If successful, the freed hiders hide again.
  5. Once all the hiders are imprisoned, a new kicker is chosen and the game begins again.
Group Juggling
Need: 3 or 4 mid-sized soft balls
How to play:
  1. Arrange players in a close circle. With one ball, toss it across the circle from player to player, until each person has caught and thrown the ball once. Do this to establish a pattern of tossing and catching, until each person knows who will be throwing the ball to him and to whom he will throw the ball. Players can call out the name of the person they toss to as they throw.
  2. Once the sequence is established, add another ball to the circle, and follow the same pattern. Continue adding balls until everyone is so mesmerized by the group juggling maneuver and they forget to catch the balls!

Bottle Ball
Need: 1 rubber or kick ball, plastic bottles or milk jugs, chalk or other marker
How to play:
  1. Set up the bottles (1 for each defender) in a random pattern with at least 15 feet between each bottle. Draw or mark a 4-foot circle around each bottle.
  2. Choose a kicker. The kicker stands about 6 feet from the closest bottle. She tries to kick the ball at the jugs to knock one over. She can aim at any bottle.
  3. Meanwhile, the defenders try to guard their bottles by keeping one foot in the circle at all times and using the other foot to kick an assailing ball away.
  4. Once the kicker succeeds at knocking over a bottle, she trades places with the defender. The game begins again.

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