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Thank you so much for your awesome newsletters and software. I just wanted to let you know that I recommend your products every chance I get. My co-worker is looking for something to get her dad for a retirement gift and she thought it was such a great idea.

Dee Goss  

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Volume I
May 22, 2002

Now I'm Cook' DVO

(When asked for a photo of himself, this is what Russ gave us. I think this is his dilusional image of himself)

         I'm Russ, the newest member of the Cook'n team, and Dan has demanded...I mean...asked that I write a little note to introduce myself. So here goes: I was born in a small town in Texas…
         Ok, I'll skip ahead a little. I first met Dan at a local business forum, where he was giving a presentation about DVO Enterprises and how the company has grown from its humble beginnings to the powerhouse software giant that it is today. Needless to say, it was fun to hear the story and I was impressed.
         Having worked in the software business on the sales and marketing side for a number of years, I know how challenging it can be. After making an initial splash, most software companies disappear faster than donuts left out on the kitchen counter.
         Dan certainly has beaten a lot of odds in getting things as far as he has, so I went up and introduced myself after the meeting. We talked briefly and that was the end of it, I thought.
         But soon I found that I couldn't get his story out of my head. Not only was the company doing well, but what really stuck with me was his core philosophy about the company's purpose being to strengthen families. I've never worked for a company that had this in their mission statement!
         So I decided to drop him a line. We talked a few times about what he was planning to do to continue growing, and before I knew it I was sitting at the desk across the room.
         If you've called in or emailed DVO in the last 5 months, chances are you were communicating with me. I handle most of the sales and support work, along with the marketing and promotional stuff. You'll probably see some improvements and changes in our website over the coming months, and if you like it, I'll take the credit. If not, it was probably Dan's idea. :)

Russ Arnold

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