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Cook'n makes Menu Planning easy!

Research shows that those who don't use an effective menu planning system are more likely to:

  • Waste gas making frequent store trips and fast-food pickups
  • Waste time making these trips and trying to figure out what to eat
  • Waste money eating-out or ordering-in because they aren't prepared to make dinner
  • Lack vital nutrition by eating too many unhealthy, convenient foods rather than nutritional foods

Cook'n was established to empower the customer by helping them get organized with its easy-to-use menu planning features.

Cook'n allows you to:

Use your recipes to make meal menu plans

With Cook'n you can simply drag recipes into the days of the week to create a menu. Choose from your own cookbooks or from the delicious recipes that come with the program. You can even add additional food items such as milk.

Create your own weekly, monthly and yearly menus

Cook'n will let you plan ahead with your menus according to your time frame! Get organized so you can plan the right meals for the right day or time of year. You can choose to plan dinners or all meals of the day. Use this tool to balance out your family's nutrition and budget!

Automatically generate a shopping list from your menus

With a planned-out menu, you're ready to plan your grocery shopping trips. With a click of a mouse, you can generate a shopping list for any one of your menus. You can even exclude the items you already have on hand. Save time and effort by not having to go to the store mutiple times a week.

Print your menus and stick them on the fridge!

To make it easier for your family to see the upcoming meals on your menu plan, use new and improved printing features from Cook'n. Customize the menu to make it look sharp and print out weekly, monthly, or yearly versions.

By learning and using these features, you will be able to cut down on your food bills and save an estimated $50 to $200 a month!!

Watch how it works!

Learn More About How Cook'n Can Help You:

Organize Recipes
Find & Capture Internet Recipes
Make Shopping Lists
Analyze Nutrition
Share Recipes
Print Family Cookbooks
Save Money

"I have 6 kids who seem to eat all the time, so I am using the software to help plan both my meals and snack menus. I went to the store with my custom Cook'n shopping list yesterday, and it was a GREAT trip to the store. We had a change in menu plans today and I am glad to know I can just drop and drag stuff around in the Recipe Program and still be good to go! I look forward to my streamlined menu planning. I know this software is going to help me save a LOT of time and take the drudgery out of planning meals." -Christine

"I was just online looking for a spray oil dispenser when I "happened" upon your DVO website. I cannot tell you enough how excited I am about your menu software. I am in the process of opening a coffee shop/cafe and one of the tasks is, of course, recording my recipes and developing a menu. Your software is the answer! Thank you so much for following your dream and offering such help to people like me!" -Sandra

"Cook'n has made my life SO much easier. Preparing a menu was always an unenjoyable task for me. This program takes the guess work out of meal planning and grocery shopping. I love that I can create a grocery list directly from the menu I save. I used to dread dinner time because I never new what to cook, now I look forward to it!" -Rebecca

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