Serves: 5



Smoothies are usually known for their unique combination of flavors and textures rather than for their appearance. Yet for many special occasions, a well-chosen garnish can magically create a visually grand presentation out of this simple combination of fruit and other ingredients. A basic fruit smoothie can be artfully embellished with a Pineapple Bow or an Orange Wheel. And, when hosting an important dinner party, you can easily elevate a smoothie dessert to a memorable experience by presenting it in an attractive wine goblet and garnishing it with a Cinnamon- Coated Tortilla Triangle or a Pineapple Chip. What's more, each of these garnishes is, in itself, exceptionally delicious.

In this chapter, you'll find a host of novel ideas for creating garnishes that dress up a smoothie. Most of the garnishes found in this chapter are not difficult to make, and you may choose to make them well in advance and keep several frozen so you can have a ready supply of these delights for an instant smoothie celebration. On the other hand, if you don't have the time or inclination to make your own garnishes, consider picking up some fun accessories at your neighborhood party store, such as multicolored and uniquely shaped straws, cocktail umbrellas, brightly colored metallic sparklers, or fancy swizzle sticks. Also, a number of edible accessories are available on the Internet, such as Cookie Straws, which are chocolate lined and vanilla or strawberry flavored, and Cookie Spoons, made of edible cookies that can be purchased plain or chocolate dipped. You can order these fantastic treats online at www.gicco.com.

While it's true that most smoothies are so inherently appealing that they're not really in need of embellishment, I'm convinced that once you've seen the effect an artfully garnished smoothie has on your family or guests, you'll agree that this added touch is just like framing a Renoir.

From SUMMER SMOOTHIES: more than 130 cool and refreshing recipes. Copyright © 2002 Donna Pliner Rodnitzky. All Rights Reserved.

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